Chris + Emma

I remember the day we had our consultation, when the consultation was complete I knew this was a great couple. Emma and Chris exhibited such excitement when they mentioned the venue. Fast forward a few months before their wedding date, I sent a text stating "Hello Emma, I am learning how to wedding films and I would love to offer your a wedding film." Emma's reply, "....I would freaking love that." was another sign the wedding reception would going to be a great time. As I was editing the wedding video, I saw many emotions. One emotion that was standing out, other than the first kiss, was the way Emma walked down with her father and they look Chris gave his new father- in- law. The look of assuring his father-in-law that he was ready to be a husband to Emma. This was a wedding I will always remember. May God bless your Chris, Emma, their son as well as the rest of the family and friends Again, thank you both for this beautiful opportunity.